T    E    S    T    I    M    O    N    I    A    L

Jacopo Carlo Perino

Innovative Companies / Marketing & CEO
Immodrone ( GoDrones ) or P2 ( The Champagne Shower )

What is your relation to Edelberg?
The design is absolutely modern and stylish at the same time, and this is something difficult to find nowadays, the hi-tech style mixed to the watch technology makes this pen a “ Must Have “ to everyone intrested in precious and beautiful status symbol item.

Your everyday challenge in your Business?
Make everything work together, the challenges that involves a CEO life are several and difficult, every piece of the chain must be made right to work perfectly.

Your favorite Edelberg Item?
Carbon Fiber Black Sloop, enough classy to bring it with me in every interview or meeting, also with elder investors and intresting also for the new generation, every young entrepreneur who sees the pen and his tecnical features ask where did I buy it, and that makes me very proud.



Fabio Colaninno

Architect, Entrepreneur
Owner of Korade Workshop

What is your relation to Edelberg?
The first time i saw Edelberg it was because the Sloop caught my eye.

The sleek and original shape, the finishing in matte carbon fiber, and the unusual and innovating details made it a very recognizable product and brand. These are the coolest characteristics of the brand: research of original design, the technological aspect... all together, these details, made me feel an emotion.

Your everyday challenge in your Business?
My biggest challenge is to bring over the reasons of the choices in my projects and to transmit the emotion of the project, and make it recognizable to the eye of the customer. I want my projects to be recognizable and comunicate certain values that represent Made in Italy at its best.

Your favorite Edelberg Item?
As an architect and luxury pen collector my favorite Edelberg is without doubt.... the Sloop!

Fabio Attanasio

Journalist, Entrepreneur
Founder at The Bespoke Dudes, Co Founder at TBD Eyewear

What is your relation to Edelberg?
I appreciate the craftsmanship behind Edelberg pruducts, mixed with a fresh and refined taste.

Your everyday challenge in your Business?
Communicate the value behind artisanal businesses

Your favorite Edelberg Item?
The Tachys Fountain Pen with Titanium Nib!