For some things in life, ordinary is not enough. 
The Edelberg writing section is anything but ordinary. With a unique way of looking at things, Edelberg is for those wanting something fresh, something different. For individuals who appreciate design that is unique and who delight in owning beautiful objects that are striking and original. Edelberg understands the power of individuality and this is reflected in our captivating range of Swiss made high-tech writing instruments. Combining passion, design and innovation, the pieces are as unique as those who own them.



Exceptional is an eccentric mix of limited edition collaborations, experimentations and bespoke pieces. Bold and unique, these are some of the most exciting creations ever to come from the artisans at Edelberg. Animal Prints, Fabric Patterns, engraved skull designs and 1'000'000 Volt lightning bolts are just some of the inspired ideas in the Exceptional range.




Turn your work space into a work of art with the Edelberg Desk Set Collection. Hand crafted in Italy this collection comprises an exceptionally elegant Desk Box, Pad, Pen Holder, Tray and Visit Card Holder and is beautifully designed in carbon fibre, aluminium, ebony macassar and calf leather.

Dressing by Edelberg is a collection of 12 striking cufflinks in a range of styles and materials for the quintessential gentleman. Finishes include superluminova, as inspired by the finest of Swiss timepieces, carbon fiber, Stainless Steel 316L and Black Lacquer. You will also find a stylish belt collection with Steel Buckle, PVD or 5N Rose Gold and a selection of five different double face leather belts.